• Question: why do you do what u do

    Asked by city354car to Savannah, Philippe, Lucy, Joanna, Harrison, Edoardo on 12 Jun 2019.
    • Photo: Harrison Prosper

      Harrison Prosper answered on 12 Jun 2019:

      Because it is fun! Not always, of course. Sometimes it is relentless boring, stressful, frustrating and/or infuriating. But, now and again, what I do is simply exhilarating.

    • Photo: Joanna Huang

      Joanna Huang answered on 13 Jun 2019:

      I do what I do because it’s what I like, and what I want to do 🙂 I’d say given the opportunities in education, this is a good way to go about picking subjects

    • Photo: Savannah Clawson

      Savannah Clawson answered on 13 Jun 2019:

      I do what I do because I get to learn new things every day! We are so lucky to have access to education (but I didn’t always appreciate this growing up) and I strive to keep learning new things about how the world works 🙂
      Most of all, I do what I do because I enjoy it and I hope that I can contribute lots to our understanding of science!

    • Photo: Edoardo Vescovi

      Edoardo Vescovi answered on 14 Jun 2019: last edited 14 Jun 2019 2:04 pm

      It’s a passion so I never really get bored. Moreover, it’s useful for the society. When the world saw the first electric battery in 1800, it was no more than a game. Today everything is powered up by electricity. I could make tons of examples from radio waves to lasers. An invention or a discovery can happen by chance and open up technologies that couldn’t be even imagined in the first place. I’m 100% sure that what we play with will be in your grand-grand-grand-grandsons’s home. In the long run, we will need to leave this planet. I don’t stay idle knowing that the sun will toast us in 5-billion-year’s time! Where will the necessary tech come from? That’s another reason to keep looking for the unknown and figure out how to make it useful.

    • Photo: Philippe Gambron

      Philippe Gambron answered on 17 Jun 2019:

      We like it. It’s interesting. We enjoy it. It’s nice to try to describe and understand nature with maths and see that it works.